The Wall

I stare at the mortar that is quickly setting
And think of yesterday. Where did it go?
I feel the gritty wetness between my fingers as I touch the hard clay
It’s getting higher. The closeness once shared; gone
The panic within me tries to break it down; I have no hammer
I push, but it won’t fall. Helpless, I stand there.

Staring at the brick upon brick; funny how they seem to fit.
Where did they come from? So fast they have appeared
Silence is beginning to surround me; the loss overwhelming
It’s getting higher. My words ricochet off; they come bouncing back
The sting, how long do I continue? Let me in

It wasn’t there before; not this high. What can I do?
I feel at a loss. I try to talk, but nothing comes back
Do my ears deceive me? Do I leave it alone?
I feel cut off. This quietness, I hate it.
A light glimmers; a thought appears.
This wall,
Maybe it’s not yours
but mine.

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