Early Marnin Light

Another dawn at Churchill River
A calmness all its own
If you listen very carefully
You’ll hear the warblers tone

They’re resting in the bushes
Taking in the day
Shhhh… the birds the are talking…
In their own little special way

The robins an juncos are there too,
And a few little sparrows sound
Standing by the waters edge so calm,
Such beauty all around

I quietly stand not to make a sound,
And listen to their song
My heart fills with love with the music they make,
Their notes are never wrong

A walk in the early marnin light,
Brings a smile to my face you see
I am thankful for my little friends,
Who join me faithfully

They bring me solace here
In this place as I walk in Labrador
An inner peace that warms my heart..
What more could I ask for

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