The Tunnel

Hidden deep, in Conception Bay; there is a spot I love to go
A town called Brigus, beside the sea; a place I really know
The little English tea Shoppe’s and museums full of history
Along the narrow little streets, a tunnel you can see.

In the summer of 1860, for four long months I am told
A miner formed holes with steel spikes… through solid rock so bold
Filled the holes with black gun powder… and blasted all he could
And made a tunnel to Bartlett’s wharf… so to unload Abram’s goods.

Near 80 feet long and 8 feet wide; an engineering feat for sure
It is eerie walking through the dark graded walls… to reach the visible shore
A past it echoes through the walls… you hear it all around
One thinks of what treasures where loaded through, as you tread upon the ground

Must have been something in its day, the bustle of ships coming in
Unloading their wares an and traveling through, the tunnel again and again
Go see it in Brigus, a must to see, it will take you to days in the past
Where Newfoundland people used the land and sea… blasted in stone to last

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