SS Kyle

In Harbour Grace there is a boat, that’s moored for all to see
The SS Kyle… a Labrador service… a ship in history
The seaman’s ghost…..nar to sink…sits on display for all
The adventurous life it once did live… and some folks still recall

You could tell her from shore, in her day, the smoke that billowed from her
The burners that burned deep within, the ice people hunting, saw from shore
There’s many a story, that’s told for sure.. an one I know too well
Me Great Aunt Cis worked on that boat, the stories she did tell.

From the foggy banks of Newfoundland to the coast of Labrador
She had her load of freight and mail.. and folks who lived on shore
The life it carried… the times they had…remains in some still today
Ex passengers are getting older now, and stories get lost long the way

To look at the Kyle as it sits there today, echoes from the past
You wonder what stories are locked within, and if many of them will last
The ship once full of life… sits there now… but alone
To whisper a past, rich and full, never more to roam

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