JJ’s Birchy Bay

The sun it dances off the water,
the warm breeze blows through my soul
As I gaze upon this picture
And feel my mind wander so

To my home upon the rock,
my piece of heaven I dare say
My mind travels back
to my times in Birchy bay

So many memories come floodin in,
They pull at my heart so
The times I spent upon those rocks,
one of me favorite spots I know

Oh to turn back the hands of time,
And see the old man on the hill
His medals he showed so proudly…
Only his house stands there still

As tears fill my eyes, my heart yearns to be,
Living there by the bay, with my family
Maybe one day… my soul hopes it to be..
but for now i gaze at a sight so heavenly

And think of times of days ago,
and tell me kids stories of how it twas so
And instill in them a heritage, proud n true,
Birchy Bay Newfoundland where the waters still blue

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