I sit here with tears welling up in my eyes, and I ponder…
Where did this emptiness come from? How did I get here?
I feel like I’ve lost something so dear but cant say
I cant verbalize. I just feel…there is no one to tell.

Who will listen…who wood understand?
so many unspoken words… so many questions.
but no answers…is there really?
Just the silence and the sound of the stillness that remains
loneliness….the utter feeling of solitude
echoing thoughts…with no place to go.

All that once was thought… is gone now
left alone to dwell on the innermost sanctum
that somehow goes nowhere…
the once comfortable place is gone…
pulling away…who wants to be near

So I’ll withdraw… it’s simple that way.
Who wants to be near such turmoil
like a deep dark void…that sucks life out of life
better left in the dark…retreat to its home
and live alone in silence once more.

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