Donair Meat

(5 lbs) 30lbs Medium fine ground, ground beef
(8 tsp) 1 cup paprika
(8 tsp) 1 cup onion powder
(4 tsp) 1/2 cup salt
(4 tsp) 1/2 cup black pepper
(4 tsp) 1/2 cup msg
(6 tsp) 3/4 cup oregano
(6tsp) 3/4 cup garlic powder
(3/4 tsp) 1 1/2 Tbsp cayenne red pepper
Mix spices with meat thoroughly…Beat if possible. Knead meat..can be pressed well into loaf pans or kneaded into 2 loaves an baked in a pan. Bake slowly draining as needed til done if 325-350…..fer 1 1/2 hours dependin on size of loaf.

1 can carnation milk
1 cup sugar
Mix vigorously til sugar/milk mixture til sugar is thoroughly dissolved
Add approximately 2 tsp vinegar ( for every cup of milk used) I usually use 1/4 cup for full recipe….and too…I use splenda for my sugar
IMPORTANT: vinegar needs to be very gently an slowly folded into sugar/milk mixture so it causes the milk to curdle and thicken.

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