My Digital Paintings

This was the writeup Janet did for the Gallery…..

About the Artist:
Melanie Bates comes to us from Truro, Nova Scotia.
From a young age, the Arts were a major part of her nature. Her life journey led her first into the world of the Culinary Arts.
Now, having survived several life tragedies over the past twenty-five years, and battling her way through depression, Mel has directed her journey toward exploring other talents she has been given.

Most recently, Mel is expressing herself in the relatively new medium of Digital Painting. Melanie has had her “First Show”  in June 2014 at Schooner Cove Gallery in the Head of St Margaret’s Bay, where several pieces have been sold. She is now exploring other mediums in her journey, which can be seen at SC Gallery.

Her Digital Paintings:

  • First Love – 2007 After leaving high school Mel applied for Commercial Art and wasn’t accepted. Feeling the rejection, she went away feeling not “good enough” and delved into cooking. Seven years ago when being introduced to the software Paint Shop Pro she attempted her hand in digital painting, First Love was her first attempt, she was reunited with her “First Love” … her love of art was rekindled.

  • Lone Pear – 2007 The original meaning of the Lone Pear has evolved over the years. In the back yard of Melanie’s home grew a pair tree, which only ever produced a few pears. Her husband always said it takes two to make a “pair” so eventually the lone pear tree ceased to exist. It is from that Mel created the “Lone Pear”. Today “Lone Pear” has special meaning for Melanie. It speaks of her independence since her husbands passing. Once a “pair” now a “Lone Pear”; Mel can stand alone and continue on.

  • The Journey –2007 (started)- 2014 (finished) Life hasn’t been the easiest for Melanie. With the loss of her daughter Sarah due to SIDS in 1988, the loss of her husband in 2010,  her success and struggles with weight loss and going through depression are only to name a few. “The Journey” speaks of how Melanie faces her own struggles through life; focusing on the little things, no matter what darkness may surround her.

  • Anew – 2014 “Anew” expresses how life has changed in many ways for Melanie since losing 396lbs. Not just a rebirth of the external but changes from inside out.
    Energy being released back into the universe as it should; Life is “Anew”