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                   Instructor: Andy
     Certificate for HTML101
                   Instructor: Bonnie
    Certificate for HTML201-Tables
                   Instructor: Denis
    Certificate for HTML201-Forms
                   Instructor: Norrie
    Certificate for HTML201-Frames

          ~My Adventures in HTML~

HTML  With WebTech University
Early Beginnings
When first coming on-line, I ventured into Newfie Chat sites. It was
there that I met a good friend that rekindled my first love and it was
then, my learning of the software Paint Shop Pro began.

Soon I found myself diving into learning bits and pieces of HTML. I made
chat sites with SMF for free and then met up with another good on-line
friend who introduced me to even more; using FTP and dealing with
websites directly on a server.
With his help, my designing web pages evolved into designing my own
site "", and "". With his
encouragement and nudges, my learning grew, but my inability to fully
understand html and css was always an obstacle, it was like pieces of a
puzzle that was missing to me.  It was then I signed up for on-line lessons
with Webtech University, to fill in those blanks I was missing.

    My First Love
    Ahhh my first love. Upon graduating high school, I had applied for a
    Commercial Graphics course at the local vocational school. Being
    declined, I went to Bible College for a year then got into the
    Foodservice Industry as a cook/baker. Although not entering the
    Commercial Graphics field, I did practice my "art" in many avenues
    be it in cooking or anything, my artistic abilities seemed to show.

    A bithday cake I made A crossstitch I did with no pattern   A layout I did for a Food Show   I baked all the items on display I can put anything on a cake freehand

    I'm a "Jack of all Trades, and Master of None" I guess, as the saying
    goes. Be it whatever I seem to try, I usually have good success in the

    I use to look back and wonder "what if" I had been accepted
    into that course but I wouldn't have experienced the things I have
    done and people I've met along the way. There are no regrets. Life is
    an adventure to live, learn and enjoy, wherever the road takes me.

New Beginnings
So here I am at a new adventure, a crossroad . Being in the Foodservice
Industry for over 30 years, one wonders if it's where one wants to be 10
years fromPaint even on me papers grrrr now. The food industry is a hard one,
one that with the changing times has
brought on it's own challenges.




What a friggen mess!!

         ADVANCED Classes
                   Instructor: Paula
    Certificate for HTML301
                  Instructor: Paula
    Certificate for CSS

Learning more on web paging, I begin to wonder if this is the direction
to go....only time will tell. I best not wander too far either, I may gets
lost LOL.
Anyways, for now I'll keep learning, keep doing and enjoy life.

HTML & Webtech University
WebTech University is where I chose to learn more in HTML. They offer
free on-line courses every two weeks. It's a great place to learn
what you need to know in webpaging. A good grounding to have, to get
one started in the field. I would highly recommend it to any wanting to
learn HTML.

On this page you will see my certificates as I progress in the courses.
Below in the "image map" (another thing I learned to do one afternoon)
you can click on the various links there on my Webtech HTML lessons. If
you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

                                ~ I Love Learning ~

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Paint everywhere LOL