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Un oh,ine makin a mess!!

                 ~Welcome to My Homework Pages~

Image of books HTML 301 Intro
And the Lessons Continue
Within the following pages you will find my notes and homework for WebTech University
HTML301. I find in putting everything here, I not only learn as I do, but have a reference
to fall back on.

Over the next several lessons                                      To WebTech University
we will be covering:

  • Lists
  • Named Anchors
  • More with Tables
  • Accessibility Issues

   As well as

  1. Adding Meta Tags
  2. The Doctype
  3. HTML Validation

NOTE: Throughout these lessons lower case for all the tags and attributes will be used, and closing all tags that have a closing tag allowed. In HTML101 you would have used upper case tags and attributes, or lower case if you preferred, and left off closing tags where they were optional.

When you start using CSS and JavaScript, using a closing tag can avoid strange problems, and future HTML recommendations (XHTML and XML) will Squeeek.. I din do it require them so start using them now.

Another benefit of closing all tags is less errors on your part as you can see where the ending is, and when nesting tags or constructing complicated page layouts sometimes a browser may not do quite what is expected of it. Closing the optional tags makes sure that the browser knows where the ending is.

~ Learning Can be Fun ~

Html 201-Tables Lessons Html 101 Lessons WebTech University Html 201-Frames Lessons Html 201-Forms Lessons