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You've been Framed.
Frames, you see them all over the internet. They can either make a site look professional and cause
it to be easily navigated, or they can drive the visitor nuts. Many considerate site owners add a
frames option and a no frames option for viewers visiting their site. Before adding frames to your
homepage think about what purpose will be served by using frames.

One of the best uses of a frame is to add navigation, a menu bar that stays with the visitor while they visit your site. They can open the pages they would like to see and continue to have the menu bar at their disposal. Using frames is basically having two or more pages visible to the visitor at one time.

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A negative side to using frames is that it decreases the amount of a page that can be
viewed at once, because you are using a portion of the screen space for another
frame. People can become very irritated when they try to leave your site but cannot
leave your frame. This does not encourage return visits. Another draw back is that the
viewer can not see the actual URL they are on. It will always show the frameset page
URL. Bookmarking a page on a framed site does not always work as expected and can papers
be frustrating. Viewers can also get caught in your frame after leaving your page.

Please NOTE: This is my homework pages for HTML201 Frames  On these pages I will learn about  Frames as well as put all info taught to me. A way to keep all info together for easy reference for myself as well as get some hands on experience. A part of the exam was to make a frame document with certain links in the menu showing different things, HERE you will find that part of my exam.

So far my lessons have been great with WebTech University and look forward to all courses offered. You can see my lessons; HTML101, HTML201Tables, HTML201Forms and HTML Frames which I have connected all together. Click on my image map below, or the links above.


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