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This is my homework page for WebTech University. This is alot easier than I thought. It's all a matter of learning the different tags and attributes and where to place them.

It's nice to finally know what to call them. Those little tent thingies lol do have a name..angle brackets.Hopefully in getting grounded in the basics, all will come together for me. I really enjoy playing with codes and html has always been a favorite. Now CSS that's another story LOL
But hey, I've got to start somewhere aye... So here's to learning!!

Heading image.Lesson One & Two

And So It Starts

My first lesson was basic, getting things set up, and one seemed to blend into the other. My second lesson included paragraphs and soon my web pages will be looking tidy smart, and neatly arranged with headings and paragraphs. Not only in paragraphs but also being able to break up lines of text so it will look as if it belongs. Using "Blockquote" is kind of cool. I will try and show this effect by showing one of my poems.

HTML 101

Learning the basics at WebtechU,
Is offered to folk like me and you.
I'm sure it can be hard sometimes on the head,
For poor ole Andy, Denis or Fred.

Who is Fred? I'm not quite sure.
An extra "body"? that's an easy cure!!
One quick erase, n "poof" it's gone,
But lets leave his name to turn us on.

Always check your homework inside and out.
There may be things lurking, you left about.
The lessons we learn, are ones to remember,
So we don't get another "return to sender".

by Blue aka Mel

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Heading image.Lesson Three

The List Keeps Growing

Many things to learn.. links, mailto links, visual effects, alignments....are we having fun yet!!! lmao. I know there's more and am so looking forward to it.

You should visit Web Tech University. They have great instructors! And the lessons are very straight forward and understandable, even for an old gal like me lol. If you want to learn the basics, this course is truely one to take.

If you would like more information about the HTML 101 class, you can send me an e-mail.

This is very important to make sure you put the opening and closing tags in the correct places otherwise the page will not look the way you intended. And OMG dont leave an extra body around lmao, it just clutters ya code, and that's one thing I needs to learn, something like housekeeping and a tidy house LOL Where's my dust cloth!! LOL

Note to self: One thing I must remember to do is not to get carried away and visually look at something and grab the first thing in hand, eg. the bold print of the headings is nice, but only for the headings...a system top to bottom with headings one must keep in line... from top to bottom...smallest # to largest and not distrupting that order....a STRONG tag is best to use and keep heading tags as just that.

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