On Monday as I jumped on the scales and it reading 348.2 it really sunk in…OMG I’ve lost 251.8 pounds. Can you imagine carrying 5-50lbs of potatoes everywhere…how in hell did I do it? In the last 2 years with everything that has gone on, I have often heard people say, “you are so strong” …. lol  I guess I was carrying around that much lol yes, I know that wasn’t the “strong” they meant but I found it kind of funny thinking about it.
So much has gone on with me and my body, I feel I am definitely in a different place. Alot of hard work changing behaviours and it is a continual thing. I had them for so long that I know that I will have to watch myself and continue reinforcing my behavioural plan. My addiction to food is very similar to an addiction to alcohol, only difference is we need food to live, so there is no total abstinance. I know there are some things I have to divorce and have; my relationship with them was too volitile, but I will survive….I do not need them.

So here’s to 250 pounds gone!!! not to be seen again… THANK GOD!!!

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