Self Love Day 5

Day 5 Self Love Challenge was “INNER CIRCLE”
With today’s challenge I was to have a date with Girl Friends!
So often we are so busy we forget how nurturing seeing our “tribe” can be.
Our friends soothe our soul and is such an important part of Womanhood!

So I called my Aunt Winnie and took her and my Mom out to lunch at my favorite place to eat; the SOUP Cafe (Supportive Opportunities for Unemployed Persons)
We hadn’t gone for lunch in a very long time. I was so involved with chitter chatter, laughter and food (YuMmY quiche and spinach salad) I nearly had forgot to take any pics until leaving. The wonderful staff were happy to help.
It was a really nice lunch which reminded me I need to get out more often with friends. (I know I have a few irons in the fire … plans are being made 😉 )
This afternoon I tried calling my girlfriend in St Margaret’s Bay too, but had no luck connecting… perhaps later… the universe knows…

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