Self Love Day 3

Well I am a little late with posting the results from yesterdays Self Love Challenge, it was a full day yesterday and am finally getting around to doing it.

Day 3 was “Bubbles, Massage or Mani/Pedi” a time for a little luxurious pampering
Well being away from home recovering from surgery has it’s disadvantages but one can always find something to do to pamper ones self.

Since all my favorite nail polish was at home and reaching my feet is a little difficult at this time lol….mani/pedis will have to wait.
I so love bubble baths, but due to one of my incisions healing a little slower, a bubble bath was out of the question… will have to save that one for a future date with my Pearls & Daisy Bath Bomb pictured below. (a b day gift from my sis ..thank you Sally)
So…with the pic (taken by my lil sis…thank you Drucie) adjacent to my bomb you will see what I had done for a bit of pampering. Relaxing with a facial listening to some music was awesome. The waves washed over me and in essence was carried away in my own bubbles…ahhhhh.

Have a listen to some of what I listened to here 

I had to chuckle… the cukes kept sliding off my eyes and once laying there for a bit my face felt a cool wave… peppermint foot cream has a tendency to do that lmaooooooo

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