Next Step-Date Set

Well I received my letter today for my “one on one” with the weight loss team, along with the lab work papers. Tuesday, November 8th, 12 noon at the Bariatric Surgery Clinic.

“001” was written on my envelope.. whether if that means it was their first appointment with that group, I’m not sure. I guess hoping that it would be in Sept/Oct as Diana had said, was too good to be true. Oh well, at least I have a date for the next step.

Hmmm that’s 3 months and a bit away, will be interesting how much more weight I will have off by then. I am 335.0lbs now. I was 369.2 when I seen them June 15th at the WLP registration. I was 430.1lbs when I seen doc Ellsmere on Feb 24th. Sept 25,2009 I was 600lbs.

Will be interesting to see how close I will be to 250lbs… what Dr Ellsmere had wanted me to get down to after weight loss surgery to be able to get my hernia fixed. I think ise a little ahead of his plan LMAO.

I will keep on doing what I have been doing… living…eating healthy and walking…. Here’s to the next step….

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