Coming Home

The early morning mist is cool upon my face,
My heart quickens as we near
It’s been years since being home,
As my eyes well up with tears

The waves of love, the water around,
The cries of gulls I hear
Pull the strings on me heart
My family’s so ever near.

I see the distant shore,
coming closer as I take in the view
The coves an inlets lie in the mist,
the lights do sparkle too

It’s a view of beauty, this island I love,
oh how I’ve missed it so
Takes me back to days gone by,
to life I use to know

Soon I’ll step on its rugged shore,
and feel the earth below
and know deep down within my heart,
tis where my heart doth go

For in this calm stillness,
Under foot of rock and sand
There’s no other feeling like this,
Coming home to Newfoundland.

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