JJ’s Birchy Bay

The sun it dances off the water,
the warm breeze blows through my soul
As I gaze upon this picture
And feel my mind wander so

To my home upon the rock,
my piece of heaven I dare say
My mind travels back
to my times in Birchy bay

So many memories come floodin in,
They pull at my heart so
The times I spent upon those rocks,
one of me favorite spots I know

Oh to turn back the hands of time,
And see the old man on the hill
His medals he showed so proudly…
Only his house stands there still

As tears fill my eyes, my heart yearns to be,
Living there by the bay, with my family
Maybe one day… my soul hopes it to be..
but for now i gaze at a sight so heavenly

And think of times of days ago,
and tell me kids stories of how it twas so
And instill in them a heritage, proud n true,
Birchy Bay Newfoundland where the waters still blue

Early Marnin Light

Another dawn at Churchill River
A calmness all its own
If you listen very carefully
You’ll hear the warblers tone

They’re resting in the bushes
Taking in the day
Shhhh… the birds the are talking…
In their own little special way

The robins an juncos are there too,
And a few little sparrows sound
Standing by the waters edge so calm,
Such beauty all around

I quietly stand not to make a sound,
And listen to their song
My heart fills with love with the music they make,
Their notes are never wrong

A walk in the early marnin light,
Brings a smile to my face you see
I am thankful for my little friends,
Who join me faithfully

They bring me solace here
In this place as I walk in Labrador
An inner peace that warms my heart..
What more could I ask for

Coming Home

The early morning mist is cool upon my face,
My heart quickens as we near
It’s been years since being home,
As my eyes well up with tears

The waves of love, the water around,
The cries of gulls I hear
Pull the strings on me heart
My family’s so ever near.

I see the distant shore,
coming closer as I take in the view
The coves an inlets lie in the mist,
the lights do sparkle too

It’s a view of beauty, this island I love,
oh how I’ve missed it so
Takes me back to days gone by,
to life I use to know

Soon I’ll step on its rugged shore,
and feel the earth below
and know deep down within my heart,
tis where my heart doth go

For in this calm stillness,
Under foot of rock and sand
There’s no other feeling like this,
Coming home to Newfoundland.

Broken Down Boats

Broken down it sits there, on the shore
Its days of fishing on the sea… no more
Who knows its story, the sadness it shows
Forgotten and left there, no use… who knows

Tis sure if it had tongue it’d tell
Of the day its bountiful hold… did swell
The cod, the mackerel, and herring too
In its day… did fish a few

But there is a sadness, the old boat shows
There’s no longer the fish it use to know
The sea it doesn’t give like it did
And to fishermen today the stocks are hid

There many an old boat, dry upon shore
And its days of fishing are no more
Left to remain for all to see
Broken down boats; once a memory

A Time to Ponder

In the stillness of a sunset, in a flash… then it is gone
But the beauty it bestows… lasts on and on and on
For it touches the very heart and pulls the heart to view
The vastness of Gods hand, touching every hue

And I ponder at its greatness and the rays shine all around
A little part of heaven shared for a moment… to astound
For awe felt when seen… can fill ones heart with love
For it’s a time to ponder… of things sent from above.