2nd Trial of Two Weeks Liquids

Well since registering at the WLP last Wednesday, and weighing in at 369.2 lbs, that is the weight recorded and from what they take the 30 lb loss needed for surgery from. The 60.9 lbs I have lost since seeing Dr Ellsmere on Feb 24th is not counted nor the total of 169.9 lbs totalling 230.8 lbs lost since sept 25,2009 isn’t either, The Sooooooooooooo  it’s another 2 week trial liquid diet, so I am starting it today. I’m off to the races…..

Started Diabetic Diet 
– Sept 25th 2009 -weighed 600 lbs possibly more

Dr Ellsmere 
– February 24th     -weighed 430.1 lbs   Lost 169.9 lbs

WLP Start
– Wed June 15th -weighed 369.2 lbs    Lost 60.9 lbs since seeing Ellsmere
total from  start = 230.8 lbs

*Liquid Diet- 2 weeks
– Mon June 20th -weighed 361.6 lbs    Lost 7.6 lbs since WLP start
Total from Dr E- 68.5lbs     Total  from start =238.4 lbs
– Mon June 27th -weighed 348.2 lbs   Lost 13.4 lbs
Total from WPL Start 21 lbs  Total from Dr E- 81.9lbs Total fr start =251.8 lbs

*1200 Limited Choice 
– Mon July 4th- weighed 342.0 lbs   Lost  6.2 lbs
Total from WLP start 27.2lbsTotal fr DrE= 88.1lbs Total fr start =258.0lbs

*1200 Healthy Choice
– Mon July 11th- weighed 340.0 lbs  Lost 2.0 lbs
Total from WLP start 29.2 lbs  Total fr DrE= 90.1lbs Total fr start =260.0lbs

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