Starfish & Making Differences

It’s amazing how each day can show you so much..n the day has only begun!! Helping others and making a difference while here on this earth has always been me.
When Curtis got sick it was no different… I had gotten involved in a forum… not too used at all because Curtis’ cancer was one that not many talked about. well with yaking as i do lol..i made a few posts n eventually some others did join in.
After Curtis died, I felt very Continue reading “Starfish & Making Differences”

A Web of Lies & Bullshit

In viewing this tonight, it was like a light went on of recognition for me. Yes, those words of Jordon Belfort… whoever he may be… are so true. Having struggled for so many years with my weight, my health in desperate need of turn around.. I continued on a spiraling path telling myself a web of lies and bullshit stories that only now I can see so clearly. I knew I needed a change… n tried many times but gave up…. too many to count. When in the muck n mire and your head wrapped Continue reading “A Web of Lies & Bullshit”