JUMP! How High?

Well I heard back from the Weight Loss Team.
I am to start with 2 weeks liquid diet then followed by 3 months of the selective 1200 cal diet (of glucerna) Then transition to a 1200 healthy eating diet through a dietician or doctor. I certainly feel like I am going in circles here. Only a month ago, I was given instructions by the same person to go on 3-4 Continue reading “JUMP! How High?”


After going through a 4 week stall with a few gains…. doing completely everything I should be doing… bang the ole body kicks into gear. It really amazes me. It really does have a mind of it’s own and does what it does when it’s good and ready… we’re just along for the ride LOL roller coaster one at that LOL. This week has been something else with the scales dropping but also my Continue reading “Amazed”

Is It Over?

Well I jumped on the scales today… 373.6lbs… hee haaaaww a loss!! Is this stall over?? I am cautious to yell it from the rooftops really. One more pound and I will be at what I was after my liquid diet. I must say though, something is going on with this ole body of mine. The last two days the insulin has dropped 2 Continue reading “Is It Over?”