As you might have guessed, I’m Mel, better known as blue on the net.
Welcome to my site. Don’t mind the mess LOL.

blue on her computermess

I am a 53 year old born and bred Nova Scotian with NL roots. My Father was from Carbonear NL and my Mom from Stewiacke NS.
I am a high school and Bible College graduate who is a sinner, and forgiven.
I was married to a wonderful man, Curtis for nearly 25 years until he passed away 5 years ago. His story can be read at a site I made to help others with his rare cancer; under Curtis’ Wish. I have a son Matthew and a daughter Sarah, who is no longer with me; she died of SIDS in 1988…Sarah’s story can be read here.

I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years as a cook/baker. I play guitar, sing, and love any kind of craft on the go. I love a good party and to have a good time.
When my son went to college, we got our computer an went on-line an I have been hooked ever since LOL I gravitated to Newfoundland forums/kitchen and have met many wonderful people. I sometimes feel like a bird venturing into territories unknown at times, but who said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks…hmmm maybe I’m a bird dog .LOL but the way I flick around I’m more known as the “blue arsed fly” LMAO

I soooo love my psp and creating. I find it challenging learning all about website building and coding. Having this site to play with what I am learning is so much fun. Sharing what I have learned with you and my art makes me smile.

Anyways, that just about sums it up. You will find much more about me in the “Many shades of Blue” pages; while you’re here, take a peek 😉 If anyone has any questions, feel free to Contact me. I would love to know that you dropped by and hear what you think of my site.

Catch ya later,

May 2015